Gerber Toilet Reviews

Gerber toilet reviews don’t require much as Gerber plumbing consistently delivers top quality toilets for a good price.

Who Are Gerber Plumbing?

Gerber Plumbing Fixtures was founded in 1932 by Max Gerber, a Polish immigrant, who built his company on a foundation of strong customer relationships and unrelenting dedication to the professionals he serviced.

A longtime EPA WaterSense® partner, Gerber were among the first in the industry to convert their entire line of toilets to include high-efficiency options.

Gerber toilets are also complaint with ADA, which is the Americans with Disabilities Act that prohibits discrimination based on disability. That means they suit a wide range of needs and are nice and high so people less able to bend can sit on them comfortably.

With an ethical approach, pioneering water-saving toilets and high quality at a reasonable price this Gerber toilets review approves highly of this longlasting brand.

Gerber Toilet Reviews

Gerber Avalanche Toilet Review

The Gerber Avalanche is a two in one combined toilet packed with high spec features and yet each flush uses 20% less water.

Its 1.28 gallons allow it to meet the Environmental Protection Agencies WaterSense criteria for residential toilets. Dual siphon jets ensure that while this flush is watersaving it is still powerful.

Actual measurement to its rim is sixteen and a half inches without the seat.

Different versions of the Gerber Avalanche means it is available in a range of sizes and formats.

Viper Gerber Toilet Review

The ADA-compliant Gerber Viper features an elongated bowl for added comfort with a color-matched, metal tank and a lever with solid durable brass arm to complement any bathroom decor

The glazed trapway is a sizeable 2″ for clog-free waste removal and like the Gerber Avalanche large dual fed siphon jets increases the speed of the flush, for a quick and clean bowl everytime thanks to a 3″ flush valve for maximum water flow and flushing power.

One limitation is that it is available in white only. Gerber also offer a generous 5 Year Warranty as well as a Limited Lifetime Warranty. The double nut, multi-point tank-to-bowl mounting system means you can easily remove it without tools.

How to Select Your Gerber Toilet

Rough-in – The toilet rough-in refers to the distance from the finished wall to the center of the toilet’s floor drain or waste outlet. Most toilets have a rough-in of 12 inches, although it’s not uncommon for older homes to have an unusual size such as 10″ or 14″. Make sure you check this before purchasing any toilet.

Style – some toilets look like they’ve been installed in a luxury hotel, but that won’t suit your Victorian-themed bathroom. When searching for a toilet consider the surrounding decor and see if you can find a toilet to match.

Flush style – This is more of a stylistic question but also affects water consumption and maintenance. Push-button flushes are more efficient and modern but lever flushes have less problems.

Budget – toilets are expensive – but a good one will give you many, many years of good service. You’re unlikely to find a good one for under $200, but $250 upwards should serve you well.

What is WaterSense?

The WaterSense label is an award given to toilets that meet the latest water-saving criteria of the Environmental Protection Agency.

Toilets are by far the main source of water use in the home, accounting for nearly 30 percent of an average home’s indoor water consumption.

Recent advancements have allowed toilets to use 1.28 gallons per flush or less while still providing equal or superior performance. That’s 20% less than the federal standard of 1.6 gallons per flush. The WaterSense label is used on toilets that are independently certified to meet rigorous criteria for both performance and efficiency. 

Toilets that conform to this standard – such as every Gerber toilet produced – are sure to save you money as well as delivering great flushing power.

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