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An RV is a great way to live. The open road with many of the advantages of living at home. Except for the toilet. For all that freedom comes at the cost of emptying the black tank. But what’s the best RV toilet to make sure that your home away from home is as convenient and enjoyable as possible?

While no one wants to talk about toilets – especially when it comes to the best RV toilet – it remains that they feature heavily in our lives whether at home or away. We visit everyday and spend a considerable amount of our time there.

Best RV Toilet Top Picks

  • Thetford Aqua-Magic V
  • Thetford 34429 White Aqua Magic Style Plus
  • Dometic 310 Series Standard Height Toilet

What Makes the Best RV Toilet?

You don’t look for the best RV toilet the same way you would your toilet at home. The whole mechanics of using a septic tank are different – that’s if you even choose to go with a septic tank design.

RV composting toilets are becoming a popular option, while many smaller RV or van users still opt for a simple portable toilet or cassette toilet that’s little more than a tank with a seat.


You can easily spend under $100 on an RV toilet but equally there are many premium offerings well over that. Generally expect to get what you pay for but a good value RV toilet can be had for around $100 – $200.


Related to price, the material of an RV toilet can vary. The cheapest will use thin plastic when ideally you want a thicker plastic or fibreglass to last. Premium options can come in porcelain just like at home but these will be much heavier and more expensive.


Size becomes paramount in an RV since space is limited. Make sure to measure the space you have available and compare that with your top choices of RV toilet. When you measure remember that it has to be comfortable for someone to sit in there so factor in that extra space.

If the people using the RV toilet are larger themselves then you may need a bigger toilet. Similarly if older people are going to be living in the RV then a higher toilet design can reduce the amount of bending required.


Again, comfort may not be your priority when it comes to something as unglamorous and utilitarian as your RV toilet, but like your bed, shoes and sofa this is something you are going to use all the time when you are living in your RV.

As you are probably going to save time and money by buying an RV toilet online you don’t get to try out the seat for comfort – not that you would necessarily do that in a bricks and mortar shop anyway – so be sure to check the reviews.

Types of RV Toilet

Gravity Flush

This type of RV toilet is like a normal household toilet except it doesn’t include a water holding tank. That means it can only be used when the RV is connected to an external water source, or the pump from the RV water tank is on. In most designs you flush the toilet with a foot pedal and will also need to fill the tank with water with a similar method.

Macerating Flush

This type of RV toilet has motor-powered blades that reduce the waste before it enters the tank and so the tank contents are much more liquid.

Vacuum Flush

A toilet with a vacuum flush uses a macerating pump and a vacuum unit to remove all the contents in the bowl. That makes it very powerful and yet it uses a very small amount of water.

RV Composting Toilet

Composting toilets do not use any water, and they separate solids from liquids. This is great for just one or two travellers but not so much the demands of a large family. The liquid container will require emptying every other day or so while the solid should last about a month.

Read our complete guide of best composting toilets here.

Portable Toilet

This is just a camping toilet that collects waste in a holding tank for disposal in a regular toilet or an RV dump. That means it is very easy to install anywhere and is much less complicated than most RV toilet systems. However, the disposal method is obviously basic with no hose.

Cassette Toilet 

A cassette toilet is like a portable camping toilet in several ways. However, it’s fixed in place, and you can usually access the waste storage tank from outside your RV. These are popular with van owners who don’t have space for a more advanced RV toilet.

The Best RV Toilets Review

Aqua-Magic V RV Toilet Pedal Flush / High Profile / White – Thetford 31671

Aqua-Magic V RV Toilet Pedal Flush / High Profile / White - Thetford 31671

Thetford is a classic RV toilet brand and with good reason. The Thetford Aqua Magic V is lightweight, easy to install, made in a sturdy plastic that lasts for years and is nice and high. The pedal flush is effective and the bowl requires minimal cleaning.

Simply press the flush halfway to add water to the bowl and all the way to flush. It has a textured lid that sheds water and resists scuffs. It weighs just 9.4 pounds and can be fitted with a hand sprayer to reduce water consumption. Also, its higher profile provides a taller seat height for comfort.

One complaint is that the bowl is quite shallow and so there is some risk of splashback if you’re not careful.

At just over $100 it is certainly one of the best value RV toilets on the market.

Thetford 34429 White Aqua Magic Style Plus

Thetford 34429 White Aqua Magic Style Plus

If you’re willing to go a little more upmarket, Thetford offer a luxurious porcelain RV toilet. It uses a normal toilet set like you would at home, although the one supplied is a hygienic anti-microbial design. As a Thetford design it is easy to install in under 30 minutes and features the same pedal flush system as the Aqua Magic V.

The bowl is deeper than many RV toilets but still takes hardly any water to flush as the water is directed all the way round the bowl for complete coverage. Like the Aqua Magic V it is nice and high to minimize any bending over required.

Dometic 310 Series Standard Height Toilet

Dometic 310 Series Standard Height Toilet

This model has the full ceramic bowl which not only looks really nice, but is super easy to clean. This is combined with a powerful 360 degrees vortex flush pattern. The overall construction feels very sturdy and solid with no wobble to it.

Installation is pain free and all the hardware and fittings required come with it. It also uses a domestic toilet seat so this can be customized to suit your needs. This is all great value at just over $200 for a ceramic bowl.

The Domestic 310 is also nice and high so it’s comfortable. One drawback is the plastic flush handle can be a little flimsy.

Camco (41541) Portable Travel Toilet

  • – 5.3 gallon holding tank 
  • – 10.8 lbs empty 
  • – Measures 16.38H x 13.75W x 16.13D inches.
  • – 330 lb weight capacity
  • – Durable polyethylene construction

One of the most portable toilets out there, the Camco is a lifesaver when traveling in an RV. The top portion of the tank (that’s where the clean flushable water goes) and the bottom part of the tank (that’s where your waste ends ups) are completely detachable from each other. No need to lug both sections around when you are doing your disposal. Also, the easy grip latches on either side really come in handy during this part.

This toilet is surprisingly easy to flush. It uses what’s called a bellows type flush system which are sometimes tricky. But used in tandem with the super easy slide valve, used when your business is finished to seal off the waste, the flush system works very well.

To add more clean water to the top part of the Camco, just remove the cap on top and the 2.5 gallons that it can hold. So easy even your kids could help you!

No crazy malfunctions to worry about for this toilet. Since it is not battery or electrically powered, the power comes from your quick labor. Some battery powered portable toilets are a little less involved, but realistically, if the power goes out, your battery runs dry, or an internal electrical part of the toilet breaks, you will be out of luck. Not so with this portable, easy to clean and use RV toilet.

SereneLife Outdoor Portable Toilet 

  • 5. 3 gallon toilet tank
  • 11.25 pounds
  • Easy Access Waste Tank for Quick Disposal
  • No External Water or Power Connections Required
  • Flushes and Rinses Bowl with Fresh Water Reserve

The Serene Life portable toilet has the perfect name. With a splash free rotating spout for super easy discharge of waste, a water tank capacity that allows you to get more than 50 flushes out of it, and a double seal around the bottom tank to lock in all those unpleasant odors, you will be living the serene life when using this RV toilet.

It even features a waste water tank level indicator which means you will know exactly when its time make a trip to get rid of the build up in the bottom of the tank.

Carrying around the Serene Life might have been a bit of a challenge if it didn’t come with a very convenient travel bag, but it does! This means moving this best RV toilet from house to RV, RV to campsite, and anything in between will be a breeze.

As for flushing, this little wonder hosts a 3 way nozzle to get the optimal bowl coverage.

The only drawback to this toilet may be the cleaning process. Some people have found that removing every speck of waste in the bottom is sometimes a challenge. The best recommendation is making sure you use proper chemical cleaner to break up larger wast and take your time before the final disposal so you’re assured an efficient draining of the bottom tank.

Leopard Portable Outdoor RV Toilet

  • – 5.3 gallon capacity 
  • – 3 way flush – full bowl coverage 
  • – Piston Pump – easier to press the water out
  • – 13.42 pounds
  • – Rotating Emptying Spout

Portable toilets often face wear and tear and sustain unsightly scratches. Not so with the Leopard portable toilet. The unique matte finish keeps the damage at bay while still looking quite stylish.

Another great feature is the rotating emptying spout, allowing disposing of the waste a more convenient event.

Height will also be a huge deal to you taller RV owners. At 16” it is a must for feeling at ease while relieving yourself. No more uncomfortable squatting!

As with others, a double seal sliding valve will prevent excessive spray or splash, always a necessity when your RV adventure may be a bumpy one.

Though most of the best RV toilets have handles so carrying them from one place to another is made easy, the Leopard luckily has handles on both the top and bottom tank. So no matter what situation you’re in, you’ll always have a good grip.

A flaw to watch out for with this toilet is pressure buildup in the waste tank. Other adventurers have noticed that when traveling to higher altitudes, the bottom tank may become more and more pressurized. An easy fix is to simply open the valve seal very slowly so as to let out the trapped air, and not any excess waste.

Giantex 5 Gallon Portable Toilet Flush Travel Outdoor Camping Hiking Toilet Potty

  • 5gallon tank
  • Height:16.55”/42cm ,
  • Weight: 11.02lb/5.0kg

Are you tired of feeling like a small child when using your RV toilet? Well your solution is here! The Giantex is aptly named in that the seat and lid are adult sized. You won’t have to trade size for portability anymore.

Due to its adult sized seating, it is also built with durability and longevity in mind. Many users have said it can even withstand much higher weight than other RV toilets.

Ease of use with its push button flushing system will make your RV journey much simpler. And don’t worry about power, the pump is among the best for efficiently flushing your waste away into the secondary tank.

With its durability and adult size, the price is very reasonable. Many users have found higher priced RV toilets are just as quality as the Giantex.

A slight problem with this toilet is its weight distribution. Often if the bottom tank is empty of waste and the top tank is full of clean water, it may be prone to tip over. Attempt to put the toilet in the corner of your RV bathroom with two walls supporting it, rather than only a back wall and this should solve this issue.

AFSTAR 5.3 Gallon Portable Toilet

  • – Bearable capacity – 441lbs
  • – Waste holding tank capacity: 20L (5.3 gallons)
  • – Flush pump type: Piston pump
  • – Features a full-sized seat and lid for comfort for adults and kids alike
  • – Waste level indicator

This lightweight RV toilet is a great option for your RV adventure. Its 3-way flush system and piston powered disposal unit makes this a great choice.

The bowl is actually crafted to be more slippery than other portable toilets. This way water and waste flush so much more easily.

There is a hose attached which is a huge bonus. It may not fit into all sewer outlets, but when it does it provides much easier dumping. To know when to dump that waste, simply check out the level indicator. It actually turns red when full.

Another unique advantage to the Afstar is its vent that actually releases pressure from the bottom tank without leaking waste. No longer do you have to worry about how carefully you open your sliding valve. Simply use the pressure relieving valve and then open your sliding valve.

The Afstar is made of high-density polyethylene to increase durability, and its flush design is meant to mimic that of your homes toilet, so that even on the road you can feel like you’re at home.

Porta Potti White Thetford Corp

  • – Height with lid closed: 17-5/8″, 44.8 cm
  • – Battery-powered flush
  • – Tank level indicator
  • – Hold down kit secures toilet to floor
  • – 13.45 pounds

If you don’t love the idea of manually flushed portable toilets and are also looking for a sleeker, more modern design, look no further. Battery powered and molded to have a more pleasing shape, the Porta Potti by Thetford is a really great choice.

The seat is quite comfortable and the bowl below has a slightly larger space than some other RV toilets.

The carrying handle is a pretty great addition, being that its ergonomically shaped to fit your hand.

Another very unique advantage is its built in toilet paper holder. Not many RV toilets have this amazing addition. Usually you will have to have a separate toilet paper roll holder and this is just another worry to deal with. But the Portable Potty allows you to have your toilet paper easily accessible. You can also close up the compartment and hide away your toilet paper to keep your unit looking sleek.

A hold down kit is included in this battery powered little wonder. It can be secured to the floor unlike other portable toilets which creates much better peace of mind when thinking about keeping your unit and its waste in place.

Keep in mind that the shape sometimes lends itself to tipping since it is narrow at the bottom and larger in the middle, but with its hold down kit, you can easily secure it and be free of any tipping.

Thetford 92860 Porta Potti 135

  • Refreshed modern exterior
  • Exclusive, rotating pour-out spout
  • More-ergonomic carrying handle
  • 8 pounds
  • 2.6 gallons of freshwater capacity

Unusually comfortable carrying handles are the stand out for this Thetford Porta Potti. Easily wrap your hand around this potty and travel wherever you need to.

On average this toilet allows you to get 27 flushes, and as for cleaning, the seat and cover are removable so you can get every nook and cranny of this model.

Its small measurements are also a plus for those looking to maximize the space in their RV bathroom. However its height is still perfect for getting on and off the toilet. But be aware the comfort level does go down after a longer sitting time.

An air relief valve is also incorporated into this toilet for spray free release of waste. Just be sure to remember that feature so your worry free disposal doesn’t turn into a less than pleasant experience.

You may also need to use the flush system a couple of times to get a good clean of the bowl, and some users have complained about longer than normal times to break up the waste in the bottom tank.

Dometic 301097606 Portable Toilet

  • High-strength ABS construction 
  • Tank level indicator 
  • Push-button flush 
  • 5 Gallon 
  • Full-size seat for comfort
  • 13.1 lbs.

This high-strength ABS constructed RV Toilet is built for hardcore conditions. The RV adventurer will be pleased to know that their journey won’t be interrupted by the breakdown of a critical part of their travels.

A push button flush will be a boon to the Domestic portable toilet. Its powerful enough to negate multiple pushes when flushing. Ease of use is always a huge plus.

The finish for this toilet is matte, which will keep its aesthetics looking pristine in your RV’s bathroom.

Longer than normal, this toilet’s discharge spout will be more effective in releasing waste and will give you a much cleaner and mess free experience.

The Dometic is smaller than other units, making it a great option for the space conscious user. However its small stature may cause some problems, especially when using the disposal system. Some have found that larger amounts of solid wast may be harder to get through the RV toilet’s dump tanks hole. Make sure to use quality cleaners that are efficient in breaking down solid waste.

Nature’s Head Dry Composting Toilet with Standard Crank Handle

  • Easy installation
  • Hand crank agitator in base for fast composting
  • Includes 5′ vent hose, bottle cap, 12v power plug
  • 28 pounds

If you are looking for the best RV toilet that incorporates a composting disposal process, the Nature’s Head dry composting toilet is the one for you. This type of toilet doesn’t use water, but a combination of either coconut fiber, peat moss, or sawdust.

When using the Nature’s Head, your waste is actually separated into liquids and solids and the dry material mixed in turning your leavings into compost.

You will need to keep the trap door closed for liquids, and its time for solid waste, simply open the valve door and it will direct it to a separate tank.

A floor mount can be used with this RV toilet, making it a perfect unit for your camper or RV.

Comfort is also a staple for this particular toilet because its elongated seat is almost identical to your at home toilet. And as with your personal toilet, a fan can be activated to continuously circulate the air and decrease any odors that escape.

The only flaw found in this type of RV toilet is the disposal process. Since compost is added in with the waste, the actually weight of the wast will be heavier than other toilets. Also, since the Nature’s Head separates liquids from solids, you may have more to carry or have to undertake two trips.

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