Best Pressure Assisted Toilets Reviews

Pressure assisted toilets tend to be quite a niche specialism in toilets and so it’s worth reading some pressure assisted toilet reviews to get a better idea of what suits your needs.

Pressure Assisted Toilet Review Top Picks

What is a Pressure Assisted Toilet?

Pressure assisted toilets use a smaller tank within the water tank to provide a more powerful flush thanks to a combination of gravity and pressure. The smaller tank works like a big water balloon. Water fills the tank and is held there under pressure until it is released when flushed.

Pros of a Pressure Assisted Toilet

Even though there are some drawbacks to a pressure-assisted toilet, there are also several benefits to consider that we’ll cover in this pressure assisted toilet review.

  • Efficiency. Pressure-assist toilets are much more efficient, thanks to their forceful flush. There is hardly ever a need to flush twice and toilet clogs are rare, even in aging plumbing pipes.
  • Water savings. These toilets help you save water. Each flush of pressure-assist toilet uses 1.1-1.2 gallons, compared to dual-flush gravity-flow at 1.3 gallons or single-flow (1.6). That can add up to 4,000 gallons annually.
  • Lower maintenance. A pressure-assist toilet contains fewer moving parts, meaning it will be less likely to break down and require servicing.  

Cons of a Pressure Assisted Toilet

  • Noise. Pressure assist toilets are popular within industrial settings, since they are far more efficient than gravity-flow toilets. However, most homeowners do not purchase pressure-assist toilets since these toilets tend to be rather loud.
  • Availability of parts. The inner workings of a pressure-assist toilet are not the same as a gravity-flow toilet and they are more specialist. Most hardware stores don’t stock these pressure assist toilet parts regularly so replacing or repairing parts components of a pressure assisted toilet is somewhat difficult.
  • Price. Pressure assist toilets are more expensive than regular gravity-flow toilets. While a standard gravity-flow toilet can be purchased for around $120 to $300, a pressure-assist toilet may cost as much as $700.
  • Difficulty of flushing. The flush lever on a pressure-assist toilet must be pushed with more force than on gravity-flow fixture. This may make it difficult for anyone lacking the strength such as a child or elderly person.

Best Pressure Assisted Toilets Reviews

American Standard 2462.016.020 Cadet Elongated Pressure Assisted Two Piece Toilet, White

American Standard 2462.016.020 Cadet Elongated Pressure Assisted Two Piece Toilet, White

American Standard are just that and have provided the best commercial toilets in the industry for more than 140 years and that’s no exception for these pressure assisted toilet reviews.

The powerful flush can catch you out if you’re not used to the sound. You can say goodbye to unclogging your toilet regularly. Plus you can easily fit this toilet in under an hour.

The china bowl is smooth and shiny and with the high pressure water of siphon jets you’re much less likely to get staining. Over the long run this will save you hours of cleaning while the water saved could shed dollars of your water bill.

Kohler K-3493-0 Highline Classic Pressure Lite Comfort Height Elongated

Kohler K-3493-0 Highline Classic Pressure Lite Comfort Height Elongated

Another classic brand, Kohler toilets also provide pressure assisted toilets and this one is a great example. Besides offering all the powerful flushing characteristics of the American Standard toilet, the Kohler offers a higher bowl for more comfortable sitting.

Some customers have experienced issues where the flushmate system is installed crooked inside the tank which appears to be causing the lever mechanism to malfunction.

However for the vast majority of customers the Kohler pressure assisted toilet offers great value and an end to clogs and waste water.

Zurn Z5571 Elongated Pressure Assist, 1.0 gpf, Two-Piece Toilet

Zurn Z5571 Elongated Pressure Assist, 1.0 gpf, Two-Piece Toilet

Last but certainly not least in these best pressure assisted toilet reviews is the Zurn EcoVantage.

Zurn 1.6 gpf pressure assist toilets with EcoFlush™ technology maximize water savings and provide an ultra-quiet flush in demanding, high traffic commercial areas that require a high performance toilet system.

The Zurn pressure assist toilet is ADA-compliant and so is built to suit the needs of everyone. That means the flush shouldn’t require much strength to operate and the bowl is high enough to minimise bending.

This is all combined in a classic toilet design that will suit any bathroom.

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