Best Flushing Toilet at Home Depot: Our 4 Top Picks

Home Depot features a ton of quality toilets and finding the best flushing toilet at home depot is more about too much choice than too little. Their selection is uniquely wide and has a huge amount of style, features, and comfort aspects to pick from.

Their depth of choice can be a little overwhelming, so following this guide can make your decision a whole lot easier.

Best Flushing Toilet at Home Depot

American Standard 2817.128.020 Town Square 

The American standard Town Square is a great in home toilet that we believe is the number one best flushing toilet at Home Hepot

It has a middling height to it which is right for the tall and short user. This is a major problem in a lot of toilets because they mostly fall into the either too high or too low category.

The seat cover employs a slow close, Duroplast design so your seat won’t be constantly slapping down. 

You shouldn’t be able to see any of the jets that spew the cleaning water when you flush because they are relatively well hidden in the seam of the bowl. 

Also in the rim the air is slightly pressurized by a unique design which adds to the pressure of the water flow and helps clean the bowl even more effectively. 

It’s a great water saver as well, using less water on average than most other brands of toilets, which will positively affect your water bill and also the environment. 

Although the toilet has an EverClean surface that’s designed to prevent mold,  mildew  and  odor emitting bacteria from building up, which is one of the biggest problems for many toilets, it doesn’t do the best job.

You might start to see spots of build up pretty early on after getting this toilet and have to consistently scrub it out to keep it clean. 

The Town Square toilet is undoubtedly heavier than most toilet models and you will most likely have to get a couple of people to help with the install. Obviously your best bet is to get a professional to do it, but just know it will be tough picking this toilet up and putting it anywhere. 

Even though it is super heavy, some of the pieces attached don’t seem to be as durable as the overall frame, you may end up replacing some of the valves, flush handles, and even the pins securing the toilet. 


  • Great flush system
  • Hidden toilet jets
  • Perfect height


  • Surface doesn’t stay clean
  • Heavy
  • Attachment durability

Swiss Madison 1T114 Voltaire Dual-Flush 

Our second best flushing toilet at Home Depot is the Voltaire model from Swiss Madison, which has a unique style that will unquestionably update your bathroom’s style to modern era level. It isn’t too out there, but it’s design makes the rest of your bathroom look even better. 

Its design also helps it stay truly clean by making it easy for you to get at all the nooks and crannies more easily than other toilets. The more box-like structure doesn’t leave much room for dirt and build up to be hidden away or get trapped, so the wipe down of this toilet will be able to be more thorough. 

It’s also a water saving system that contributes to the environment and your water bill. 

The Voltaire has a quick release toilet seat function which will also make cleaning much easier than other seats that are pinned or screwed down. 

It’s a tad on the short side, so taller people are going to have more trouble with this toilet and probably won’t be able to sit for very long. 

Installation is not too difficult, however the hose is a slightly unusual size, so you will want a professional to help you with this part of the install. 

Even though the square design is great for cleaning, you will also have trouble finding a toilet mat that actually fits this square design. You might end up having to do a little DIY action to get a mat to fit the shape of the toilet’s base. 

Though the toilet is definitely a little short, this fact makes it a much more compact toilet that will make it a good bit easier to fit into whatever space is available in your bathroom.


  • Unique, modern style
  • Easy to clean


  • Short 
  • Tricky installation

KOHLER K-5172-0 San Souci 

The San Souci is another single piece toilet for your home, making it much easier to clean and more compact.

Besides the creases in the actual toilet seat, you should be able to take a bathroom wipe and have an unbroken cleaning trail that makes for a quick and easy process. 

The seat is actually a little longer than most and should provide more comfort if you have to be on it for a longer period of time. Also, larger people will benefit from the greater surface area as sometimes not having enough toilet seat is a problem. 

It has a pretty low profile, which may be a boon to you if you are a little bit shorter. Some seats are just too high to be comfortable for people with lower stature. 

The cleaning system features an “all sides” coverage method where the water flows from basically every side so as to give a much more comprehensive wash. This means you are going to be flushing this toilet a lot less and saving more water because of this design. 

And even though there is good strong water coverage for the bowl, it is decidedly quiet when you are flushing. 

It can easily be replaced and usually after its replacement you won’t have any problems, but the valve and rubber connector attached to the flushing handle is a little flimsy and may either begin to wear down or come loose internally. 

Small stature works well for this toilet, especially if you have a bathroom that can only fit a toilet that is compact. 


  • Easy clean
  • Good bowl coverage
  • Quiet


  • Internal flush mechanism not durable

Swiss Madison SM-1T106 Concorde 

Dual flush toilets are great at using less water but pulling the waste away very efficiently. Essentially there are two different buttons for flushing away waste. One is meant for liquid waste and one for solid. This process uses less water, as more a larger amount of water is required when taking away liquid and solid waste at the same time. 

The style of the Concorde is definitely modern, and most modern toilets are much easier to clean as they don’t have all the divots and hidden spaces that older model toilets have. 

With its box like shape, the Concorde is a good example of how easy to clean these modern toilets can be.

Not only is the base of the toilet square, which is the way some other modern toilets are already designed, but the actual seat of the Concorde is a square shape as well. This adds to the chic look of the toilet, but that’s about all. 

There is a reason that most toilet seats have an oval shape. It allows for a good slope inwards and fits the body much better than a square.

This rigid design makes the seat relatively uncomfortable and it actually proves to be more narrow than a traditional toilet seat design. 

It also has a very low height. It’s advertised as a 17” height, but in reality it is closer to 15”. This may be a little frustrating for taller and larger people. 

The seat is a ‘quiet close’ seat which is perfect for anyone wanting to avoid the usual slam of the toilet seat.

Careful with the installation of the toilet. Because of the unique design, it has to be placed flush against the wall or it will be unsteady. Also, the inner hookups are a little finicky, so you definitely want a qualified plumber to do the install. 

Overall though we happily rate it as perhaps the best flushing toilet at Home Depot.


  • Water saving flush system
  • Modern Design


  • Uncomfortable
  • Tricky install

Buying Guide

What is the Best Flushing Toilet at Home Depot?

The Swiss Madison Voltaire is probably going to be your best bet. It has the most features available compared to most of the toilet’s Home Depot offers. 

You can easily detach the toilet seat for a much easier clean. The design is meant for a modern style while also facilitating an easy clean. It has a dual-flush system that allows for great water saving ability. And even though it has a unique style, it still adds a lot of comfort. 

Which Home Depot Toilet is the Easiest to Clean?

The Kohler San Souci is going to be the easiest to clean. Like some other toilets Home Depot offers, it is a single piece toilet and so provides some of the easiest cleaning out there. 

It is elevated above other single piece toilets because the lid doesn’t have a double lip like most other toilets, so you will only have to clean one lip versus two. 

Which Home Depot Toilet is the Most Comfortable

The San Souci is the most comfortable Home Depot toilet. It’s rounded like many other toilet seats, but the seat is longer than most other toilets which allows for more variety of body types and allows you to sit for a longer time on this toilet. 


Q: How easy is it to replace the pieces of Home Depot Toilets?

A: It depends on the company, but Kohler is probably the best at responding and getting you a replacement piece. 

Q: Can you use different toilet seats?

A: It depends on the model, but typically you should stick with the manufacturer’s toilet seat. Many of Home Depot’s toilet seats have quick release features or slow closing toilet seats that can be messed up if the original manufacturer’s toilet seat is not used with the replacement. 

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