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Top Macerating Toilet Options (Upflush)

No matter what your bathroom looks like, the most essential component is the toilet. If you were thinking of remodeling your bathroom, now would be the right time to consider opting for a macerating toilet. Macerating toilets differ from conventional toilets in that they have a built-in shredder to break up solid waste. This allows […]

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The Best Bidet Attachments for Your Toilet Seat

If you’re looking for a new gadget to buy for your bathroom, a lot of people think of items such as a hot tub first – but there are plenty of other gadgets that you can buy for your bathroom and toilet too, like a bidet. It’s not complicated to install, and most bidet’s are no […]

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wall mounted toilet

The Best Wall-Mounted Toilet Options Available

Whether your bathroom is an expansive, spa-like retreat or it’s a modest powder room, the toilet is the most crucial element of the space. After all, a bathroom just wouldn’t be a bathroom without a toilet! Since the toilet is so important, if you’re remodeling your bathroom or you’re building a new home, putting some thought […]

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toilet paper rolls

3 Tips for Choosing Toilet Paper

Of all the items that we buy on a weekly basis, toilet paper is one of the most personal and the most important. While toilet paper’s job seems fairly straight-forward and functional, the truth remains that the paper we choose makes a big impact on our lives and has the opportunity to transform our experiences […]

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The Best Portable Toilets for Camping & More

Portable toilets, also known sometimes simply as port-a-potties, are surprisingly liberating pieces of equipment in that they allow you to travel further and stay out longer without being limited by the need for toilet breaks. This is great news for those who love camping or exploring and who don’t want to be forced to use nature’s […]

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3 Interesting Toilet Facts to Ponder on the Throne

No good day starts without a satisfying session on the can. Quite literally, poor digestion could be a matter of life and death! But more than anything, the time you spend in the loo could be the precious few minutes in the day you can take out for yourself. It is one you can be truly […]

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American Standard Toilet Buyer’s Guide

No home is complete without a homely, comfortable bathroom. Your bathroom needs to have a toilet that is not only the right height but is also comfortable and easy to maintain. There are a plethora of options available in the market that offer a variety of different features. Some have EverClean surfaces that allow you to […]

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The Best Toilets for 2019 & Beyond: Buyer’s Guide

When most people think about what is important in their home, they tend to focus on the kitchen, the master bedroom, and the curb appeal. Sometimes the bathroom makes the top 3 list of what new homebuyers check out or owners plan to renovate, but they tend to look at it as a whole.  Rarely do […]

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elongated toilet on wall

Best Elongated Toilet for the Money

If you are reading this, you are probably looking for a new toilet that’s going to be on the more comfortable side. In general, toilets that are designed with an egg-shaped bowl tend to be much more comfortable than the standard round ones due to the extra surface provided by their oval shape. They also add […]

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Best Flushing Toilets on the Market

If you are reading this, you are probably planning to build a house and install an efficient yet powerful toilet for your convenience. Or, maybe your home’s old flushing toilets are not working well and you are tired of the constant maintenance.  A home with toilets that flush poorly is just a pain in the butt […]

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